Rafael de Cárdenas' signature design is a blend of bold colors, stark geometry and striking patterns. 

Rafael de Cárdenas' portfolio is incredibly diverse projects, from store designs to new-york apartments he is able to adapt his esthetic to the client needs and his ability to translate color and form across platforms stems from his varied background, which began in the fashion world.
Rafael de Cárdenas worked as a menswear designer for Calvin Klein before leaving to earn a master's degree in architecture at UCLA, de Cárdenas became acquainted with progressive architect and mentor, Greg Lynn — who he later collaborated with on a proposal for the redesign of the World Trade Center, a finalist for its beautiful series of interconnected buildings reminiscent of a cathedral

After working as creative director of experience design at Imaginary Forces, de Cárdenas opened his own design firm called Architecture At Large, where he continues to take "note of the past while daydreaming the future," with projects focused on the conceptual design of residential and commercial interiors. His ingenuity has been the leading force behind customized interiors for celebrities and CEOs alike. He explains, "I don't think about things going or not going. I think if something has an interesting story it will work." For supermodel Jessica Stam Apartment, de Cárdenas returned to the referential silverscreen theme of decadence, styling her lavish apartment in monochromatic jewel tones, specially curated eBay finds and vintage wallpaper.

I especially love his residential designs, here are others de Cardenas' projects:

De Cárdenas' ability to personify spaces is as iconic as it is personal, as encapsulated in his design of Nike's experiential store, Bowery Stadium. Integrating his own interest in running and love of Brazilian culture, de Cárdenas created the space using vertigo-inducing zig zags and illuminated pegboard, accented by yellow and green flooring. 

His brazenly dynamic aesthetic continues to make its mark, appearing at the many OHWOW galleries and concept shops popping up around the world. De Cárdenas cites diversity and atmosphere over set style as the key to artistic longevity, adding "I like to bend the rules of traditional architecture to produce moods and elicit emotional response." 

Rafael Cárdenas' designs blend also includes a furniture collection at the Johnson Trading Gallery, in homage to the pioneering spirit of American contemporary design that evokes Frank Lloyd Wright. The pieces are simply made of plywood, working off of the basic form of a cube. The result is meant as an homage to Frank Lloyd Wright, and Bruce Goff, an iconoclast whose architecture melded Wright's influence with echoes of Art Deco and the geometries and colors of Navajo art.

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