Color Splash: PINK

Today the color of the day is PINK!

I know, it's a girly color but pink can also be a fun and energetic color. Personally I specially love fuchsia pink! 

Pink can be match different interiors styles, it can be very flashy and graphic or soft and feminine. So witch one do you prefer?

Here is a great example of a modern pink interior apartment by Laura Terp Hansen

I find the pink vinyl kitchen floor so cute but my personal favorite is definitely the flamingo wallpaper by Cole & Son.

I also adore the SMEG fridge (I would love to one day have one of my one) I must say that this kitchen has a cool retro vibe that I just love.

New Collection -  Flamingos wallpaper by Cole & Son

"I have to say that I have a weird obsession with flamingo...and a couple of other exotic birds like the peacock and the toucan... I find them all very inspiring maybe because all of their wonderful colors. I decide to tap a bit into that so I will be soon posting some of my favorite birds wallpaper."

Notice how the pink is establish by little drops against the white neutral base, that what's make this interiors seems so light and aery.

There is mixing and matching of different furniture throughout this apartment. We can see contemporary furniture like the white sofa mix with a bit vintage like the black chair and lamp on the living room area and the Moroccan table on the balcony or the hot pink classic dresser on the bedroom.

This a small apartment but the trick to this successful design is in not overloading the space with lots of furniture and keep the base neutral like white walls and floors (and some furniture) it will make the space feel larger.

Here is another fun pink interior by fashion designer, Betsey Johnson.

This a house with different style and with lots of pink.

Here is a great example of a flashy, graphic application of pink:

Pink bathrooms are some much fun, here is another example of my beloved flamingo wallpaper

Here are other inspirational designs with pink splashes: 


Here are some of my favorite pink pieces from Ikea:

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