Mediterranean Style

Inspired by my past vacations, today I decided to share a few Mediterranean inspirations.

I love the Mediterranean architecture and simple esthetic; usually this style is characterized by thick wall with a traditional white stucco finish and small windows protected by exterior wood blinds, witch helps to reflect the heat and regulated to indoor temperatures so the interior of the house always remains cool and breezy.

Typically the Mediterranean houses have one or two floors with classical roman features like columns and porticos firmly anchor the Spanish style home in a vibrant historical context.

Mediterranean architecture brings the outdoors inside so outdoors spaces are very important like porches, roof terraces, shaded patios, courtyards are prevalent and often function as outdoor rooms, making for easy transitions between outdoor and indoor spaces.

Details like carved doors and carved stonework, spiral columns and tiled walls and floors and arches are integral design features and often appear above windows, doors, entryways and porches, all of these elements are also highly characteristic of Mediterranean architecture.

The Mediterranean houses mix functionality with elegance and they are built with the surrounding in mind; always seeking to exploit location and views, especially sea views.

Usually these houses are tucked away on rocky hillsides that tower above the sea or are proudly situated on glorious white sand beaches.

The integration to the landscape is very important in the Mediterranean architecture, usually the main color of the houses is white or cream, others colors like blue, light greens, or sandy colors like yellow, orange, maroon or red may appear as accents colors typically on the windows and doors.

Blue is the most common and accent color for Mediterranean exteriors, adopted largely from architecture in Greece where blue is often used for domed rooftops and doorways. Cool blues are favorites in Greece, and this color pairing is used on the Mediterranean country's flag. 

The colors are sometimes used to accent doorways or arches throughout the Mediterranean region, not just in Greece but also in Morocco and Tunisia. In some of these cultures, blue is thought to ward off evil. Either way, it makes a soothing and inviting impression that's sure to suggest the light blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

I love this amazing this house on the west coast of Ibiza, renovated and decorated by Martinez Malales Canut.

I think that it’s a great example of the Mediterranean architecture house but with a contemporary touch.

The traditional elements like the white stucco walls and dry stonewalls combines with contemporary open spaces that features modern materials the micro cement, used in the all of the bathrooms and pavement in the master suite.


Now here is an example of the traditional Mediterranean  architecture, it's traditional greek cave house located in Santorini, Greece.

This 300 years old cave house located in the centre of the traditional village of Megalochori, was converted into a 150 sqm dream house by Panagiotopoulos-Panagiotakis.

I just love it's coziness...


Finally I was so inspired by all of these wonderful images that I found myself imagine that would my living room and terrace would look like if I decided to change it to a Mediterranean Style... here is the result:

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  1. Beautiful, nice and clean places ... i love the blue ... the sun !


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