ETHNIC INSPIRATION – Ikea’s New textile collections

For summer 2012, Ikea follows the ethnic trend the textiles styles draw from global influences, handmade traditions and techniques.

LAPPJUNG Collection

In this case some inspirations were taken from the Musée de l’Impression sur Étoffes de Mulhouse, France (Museum of Printed Textiles of Mulhouse) where textile patterns from different periods and places are collected and can be licensed for a limited time.

Some the bold graphics patterns reminds me of the traditional hand woven ethnic rugs where the pattern is created by various geometric shapes. 

I am particularly found the geometric diamond pattern on the pillows and rugs.

This collection has lots of fun textil accessories for the bedroom or living room, like curtains, panel curtains, rugs and bed linen.


I just LOVE this black and white LAPPLJUNG RUTA flatwoven rug!
It’s bold, it has a comfortable and smooth low pile surface and best of all it’s easy maintenance and very inexpensive rug! What else could you ask for?!

This one I will absolutely buy...I just have to figure out where to put it! The size 2x2m is not very practical.

Also one of my absolute favorites, the LAPPLJUNG FÅGEL reversible cushion, it has a different fun pattern on each side.


I also love the LAPPLJUNG RAND panel curtain, it’s a great alternative of curtains or can be a great room divider and covering solution for open storage. 

I love the colors (orange and blues are my favorites) and the grasscolth like texture.

NÄTVIDE Collection

Two designers, Anna Maria and Vinka Efverlund have worked on this Ikea collection inspired by there trips and holiday memories. The inspiration came from the African wax printed textiles; these colorful fabrics are usually full of colors and patterns. 

The result? A collection of pillows and linens all more colorful than the other.

This collection is a Limited Edition available only during August 2012.

In total, the new collection of Ikea Nätvide consists of:
12 styles of cushions
8 duvets cover
6 pairs of curtains
2 bed covers
2 rugs
2 bathrobes and towels

Here is the presentation of the complete NÄTVIDE Collection:


This one I'm also definitely going to buy it! I just love this NÄTVIDE moustard yellow duvet cover, I love the sunny color and discrete pattern.

The colorful cushions are fun and easy to integrate in any decoration, ideal to spice up your beds and seatings.


I'm also very found of this colorful Natvide rug, I think that it would great in my kitchen...

Love the color combination of bright orange, colar, pink and aqua blue (all colors that I love) contrasting against the black. 

I don't know about you but all of this wonderful inspirations has put me on a shopping mood! I think that one of this days I'm going on a shopping spree at Ikea!!

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