Designer crush: DOUG MEYER

I'm loving colorful interiors that features bright and fun colors so today I would like to share my most recent designer crush: Doug and Gene Meyer

They are brothers, both share a life long lifelong obsession for creating memorable interiors for themselves and a few select clients.

They design separately or together, their work has been photographed by many international magazines, they focus on home and outdoor furniture, fabrics, area rugs and also fashion design.

They are a duo that work very well together but Doug Meyer is more focused on the interior design and Gene Meyer is more dedicated to fashion design; he has a men, women and fashion accessories collections.

I decided to share with you their colorful Déco period home in Miami, I love how Doug Meyer celebrated color creativity in all of his designs! 

This house really a dream home that makes me think of a wonderful tropical vacation spot.

I just love how Doug Meyer as transformed his interior living space and backyard into a bold display of optimistic energy and enthusiastic rooms settings with real personality.

The backyard

Doug Meyer

The backyard' shaded patio

The backyard' sunny lounge area

The hallway with a 50's orange sideboard and plexiglass artwork by Doug Meyer

The living room 

The guess bedroom

Pool side in the backyard

Here are others projects by Doug Meyer:



Doug & Gene Meyer

Find more Doug and Gene Designs here.

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