Here is an another great architectural project: 
Casa El Tiembo by James and Mau. 

I love this project because it's illustrated one of my favorite subject: Modular Low Cost Eco friendly Architecture.

James and Mau Arquitetura are a international architecture studio based in Madrid, Spain. James & Mau Arquitetura was founded in 2007 by Jaime Gaztelu and Mauricio Galeano , which in turn participate Infiniski, a company dedicated to the modular design of ecological properties characterized by high speed of execution and budget effectively.  

House El Tiemblo
Modular Containersy Sustainable Architecture
Build in 2010 located at El Tiemblo, Spain

The project was comitted on a modular construction system 
with a low budget as a starting point. The shipping container is chosen as part of lego maximizing his brutalist beauty. Allowing 
his exterior to be seen in cold weather his exposed metal sheet  utilize the heat and in the summer the metal sheet is covered with vegetation providing solar radiation shielding. 

The interior on the other hand wants to contrast with very clean and opening forms just to praise the fantastic views of the landscape.

Ground Floor Plan

First floor plan


  1. Thanks for sharing. Great re-use of shipping containers.

  2. Thank you so much Casey :) You are my first comment! It's great to some sort of feedback on my postings :)
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